The ZATP project aims to contribute to increased market linkages and firm growth in the country’s agribusiness by:

Building Productive Alliances to support small scale emerging farmers to integrate into value chains;                              .

Developing an SME Supplier Program that will enable agribusiness SMEs’ to supply their products to large buyers;                                  .

Strengthening Capacity for Business Regulation, competition and National Quality institutions so that agribusiness and trade can be better enabled; and

Supporting the development of a National Logistics Strategy that can help improve aspects such as transport and storage in agribusiness and trade.


Beneficiaries of the project are emerging and poor farmers and SMEs in the agribusiness sector as well as Producer organizations such as cooperatives or other farmer groups. In addition, the project will also benefit larger communities that will be using public infrastructure that will be facilitated through the project in order to support market linkages.

ZATP beneficiaries will therefore include women and youths in all the implementation areas where the project will rollout interventions. We will be very keen to see that these groups are well represented at individual farmer level as well as SMEs.

Project Scope

The Project’s activities are open for participation to all eligible producers and SMEs from around the country. Its outreach activities and initial target areas focus on regions whose populations have high poverty levels and at the same time possess agro-processing activities. The initial regions of focus are Lusaka, Copperbelt, Southern, Central and Eastern Province. As the project evolves, its activities will be extended to other areas around the country.