Katobo Women’s Cooperative in Kabwe

After-care support was provided to Mrs. Monde from Katobo Women’s Cooperative with a phone call. Mrs Monde was asked on how the PO was doing in following the implementation plan since receiving funding. Good progress has been made but there is a challenge. Due to corona lock-down there is no longer any commercial transport services from her village located behind Mulungushi Dam to Kabwe town. The transporters can’t put enough passengers on due to social distancing guidelines on the truck with which to cover the fuel cost. Mrs. Monde had prepared her monthly progress report for PIU written by hand but cannot send it to PIU. When she can get to town, she first has to hire a computer and write the report electronically and then send it via email to PIU.

The village is quite but they are not able to supply the pig feed to Kabwe for onward selling, as the planned market customer identification study has not been done due to the effects of corona – lockdown. They have been able to purchase lots of stocks for the farmers at a good price because of the corona.